IP Video Wall Controller

4K HDMI IP Video Wall Controller

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Product Description

IPVDS-500-ED is 4K HDMI IP Video Wall Control solution for playing multi-sources of Audio/Video such as PC, media player, Blu-ray and etc, on the video wall display and even other displays simultaneously. It also enables to split a high quality video into multiple videos and play it on video wall displays and other displays.

IPVDS-500-ED can provide an optimal solution for large video wall systems in control room, security and traffic control whereas it can be used in general field such as conference room, education room or presentation room.

PC program can be used for host allocation and preview with drag and drop operation with simple mouse use. Users can easily merge, split, overlay and clear for host allocation and assure with preview scene on the ‘Layout Manager’ before applying it to real display monitors.

IPVDS-500-ED provides virtual matrix function with TX(host) and RX(client) via IP network, and it enables for users to monitor and control with IP Video wall. It is best solution for users in Audio/Video integration field for providing excellent performance and simple operating process as well as having cost effective advantage compared to complicated Matrix with copper cable.


• TCP/IP based IP network: 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet with CAT5e or CAT6 cables
• Up to 4K resolution (3840×2160 at 30Hz) or 1080p at 60Hz
• Up to 8 x 8 Video Wall with multi-sources
• Provide Analog/HDMI audio input and output
• Provides PC Program for Users
• Control PC Apps for Video Wall and Individual Displays
– Drag and Drop operation of Mouse for Host Allocation and Preview
– Allocation, merge, split, overlay and etc on Layout Manager
– Provides preview scene before to apply it to real monitors.
– Provide 99 Presets for user defined layout (Save and Loading)
– Bezel Compensation in 0.1mm units
• M:N Virtual Matrix supported: multicasting up to 200 clients
• Fast switching time / Low video latency
• Transmits HDMI/DVI,USB,RS-232,Audio,DIO signals via IP Network
• Provides HDMI loop-thru port for Local display
• Provides 1U rack (model: OPSCR-1U) , Optional
• Provide Mounting bracket (model: OPSCB)
: VESA 75,100 standard, Optional