Convex Dynamics Official Opening

At Convex Dynamics, we hope to reflect the excitement and dynamism of the Audio Visual industry in everything we do.

Driven by passion and enthusiasm, we have recently become the new official distributor of Analog Way in Malaysia. We were proud to welcome you at our official opening and we hope you trust us to transform the face of AV equipment distribution, to bring the end user experience firmly to the fore, to offer more than just technical support but an all-round appreciation for the art behind the ever-evolving AV industry.

IMG_8524We believe in giving our customers more than a great experience, we want to give them the chance to make an informed choice. This belief drives us to constantly strive to change the landscape of the Asian Audio Visual arena.

We provide a ready stock of premium European and US brands such as Analog Way, Datapath, WolfVision and Digital Projection International, all renowned for their technological prowess. These brands are made of the finest materials and the highest standards, and we are sure they will bring good value to our customers.

We are proud to work in Convex Dynamics with the frontrunners of the Audio Visual industry, brands who share our ethos of combining ground-breaking technology with recognised quality.

As an Authorised Distributor of a range of premium AV brands from Europe and the US, not only are we committed to delivering the very best products, but to share our hard-earned knowledge so our clients can make sound, informed choices. Our overarching goal is to add value to our customers’ user experience when they come to us.