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We are proud to work with the frontrunners of the Audio Visual industry – brands who share our ethos of combining ground-breaking technology with recognised quality. We provide a ready stock of premium brands such as Analog Way, Avenview, Datapath, Opticis, WolfVision and Digital Projection International – all renowned for their technological prowess.



Wolfvision BKK Event – March 2016

2On the 8th and 9th of March, in Bangkok, Thailand, Wolfvision hosted a two day event, launching its much awaited development known as the Cynap. The launch was an instant success and distributors from many countries attended the event including some of the leading distributors from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Korea.

The seminar was quite informative and was conducted by none other than Wolfvision’s product managers, Thomas Zangerle and Christian Loacker. The seminar mainly focused on how Wolfvision initially started the concept of designing new generation of visualizer and how it eventually led to the idea and development of a standalone device called Cynap.

3Wolfvision’s Cynap is a unique knowledge sharing solution. One of its unique features is  comprehensive BYOD stand for “bring your own device”, recording, streaming, and media player functionality and it provides effective solution regardless of whether it is used with or without a connected Visualizer. Cynap is multifunctional and can play, display, record, and stream all commonly used media while simultaneously, giving incredible versatility during meetings, lectures, and collaborative sessions. It is user friendly and Cynap Information is easily accessible whether stored locally, in the cloud, or on a USB stick.

4An oral demonstration was arranged where all participant have given the chance to connect to Wolfvision’s Cynap & use their own iPhone or android phone or even iPad to stream their content to the big screen. The reviews were quite positive as the resolution and the image was quite impressive and much better than its competition. We used IPhone to capture video & walk around to show off the low latency of Wolfvision’s Cynap. The main selling point of Cynap which sets it apart and makes it unique is its ability to record the event directly to the your device, whatever it may
be thus giving you instant results.

5After the seminar which involved an interactive and entertaining session of question and answers, all the guests were invited to enjoy sumptuous dinner at a local seafood restaurant & Tawandang brewery and all the participants enjoyed the good training session and dinners during everyone’s stay in Bangkok, Thailand. Wolfvision definitely met all expectations and Cynap was anything but a disappointment. The session itself provided an opportunity for the attendees to try the device their self which further provides a further proof of the high quality of Wolfvision’s product. Summing up, the Wolfvision’s Cynap certification & launch event was a success all around.

CYNAP Key Features: Part 1


“Connecting media-­‐connecting minds”, with a slogan like that, Wolfvision by Cynap displays through these words how the Cynap is a device which does exactly as the slogan suggests. The name Cynap, taking after the synapses in our brains which transmits messages from one part of the brain to another, does exactly the same. It allows the transmission of media, and data between any sources.

2The key feature which allows this is called BYOD, bring your own device, which means any device that you own will be connected to the Cynap to display your data from any source. The device can be any smartphone, tablet or laptop, the Cynap System is compatible with them all equally. It also allows iOs, Android, Windows or Mac users to enable any information that they require from anywhere.

3The airplay and Miracast feature also enables any device to connect to this system wirelessly and allows the display of videos with a high resolution and detailed graphics. This sets the Cynap system apart from its competition and is known as a ‘truly collaborative system’.

4Another important feature of the Cynap is the powerful video recording ability. This allows any videos to be captured in high definition and then saves it on the device or on a USB connected to the device. Whether it is an online material or anything to be used on-­‐demand, the Cynap system allows that due to its video recording feature from not just one, but multiple sources.

The vSolution capture application for iOS, Android, and Windows allows the sharing of information to and from various sources. This also allows a ‘local’ direct stream to be sent to multiple sources making accessibility easier and in turn, life becomes simpler.

It is true that Wolfvisions Cynap system has made life easier whether it is during an office presentation or one in your school. This not only enables for a video to be displayed directly from your laptop or iPad or even phone, but direct recording from the presentation is also allowed with the collaborative feature of this system.

The Cynap System supports all sorts of formats, locations, and devices through its wireless technology. It is one of a kind innovation where maximum security is enabled along with a worldwide collaborative system. It can be used on any platform and for any purpose with its high technology, and extraordinary features to suit all your needs in university, at the office, or even on a global level.


Convex Dynamics Official Opening

At Convex Dynamics, we hope to reflect the excitement and dynamism of the Audio Visual industry in everything we do.

Driven by passion and enthusiasm, we have recently become the new official distributor of Analog Way in Malaysia. We were proud to welcome you at our official opening and we hope you trust us to transform the face of AV equipment distribution, to bring the end user experience firmly to the fore, to offer more than just technical support but an all-round appreciation for the art behind the ever-evolving AV industry.

IMG_8524We believe in giving our customers more than a great experience, we want to give them the chance to make an informed choice. This belief drives us to constantly strive to change the landscape of the Asian Audio Visual arena.

We provide a ready stock of premium European and US brands such as Analog Way, Datapath, WolfVision and Digital Projection International, all renowned for their technological prowess. These brands are made of the finest materials and the highest standards, and we are sure they will bring good value to our customers.

We are proud to work in Convex Dynamics with the frontrunners of the Audio Visual industry, brands who share our ethos of combining ground-breaking technology with recognised quality.

As an Authorised Distributor of a range of premium AV brands from Europe and the US, not only are we committed to delivering the very best products, but to share our hard-earned knowledge so our clients can make sound, informed choices. Our overarching goal is to add value to our customers’ user experience when they come to us.


vSolution Cynap™

The WolfVision Cynap System is a unique knowledge sharing solution, which enables users to utilise presentation content material of all types, from an almost unlimited range of both digital and physical sources. Cynap features comprehensive ‘bring your own device’, recording, streaming, and media player functionality, and it provides an effective solution when used either with or without a connected Visualizer.

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